He sees you when you’re eating.

I’ve been a mom for 6 months although I do argue that I’ve been a mom since the two lines appeared on the pregnancy test and I celebrated with a muffin.

We’ve started weaning Dillon a month ago with a mixture of baby food and finger foods.

I won’t lie, even now I find it daunting and sit there waiting to pounce if h gags, which is a natural reflex and they’re not actually choking. (Thank you Google!).

The thing I’ve struggled with is Dillon has never let us know if he’s full, he’s just kept guzzling his milk so the introduction of food you would think would fill him up, right? Wrong. He would quite happily have a jar of mushed vegetables and 10 minutes later scream for something else.

In the build up to started the attempt to wean Dillon I never noticed him eye balling my food until last night, a month into solids and I felt extremely overprotective of my food. I mean, it was a cheese pizza just for me..

I’ve always accused my husband of being a selfish eater and not sharing. I would blame it on being an only child and would happily voice how I would share my food with anyone.

Well, in my defence, Dillon doesn’t have teeth. This cheese pizza would be wasted on him.

Please tell me I am not the only momma who doesn’t want to share their food with the little people?

No cheese pizzas were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Eyeballing my cheese pizza


First Christmas, New Year & Work.

So we had our first Christmas as parents and I wish I could emphasise how magical it was.

Man Beef & Baby Boy

I strongly believe that someone should write a book on “Baby’s 1st Christmas” and what not to buy.

For us, Dillon was 6 months old so we bought what we thought would be useful for his development and toys that were a bit older by a few months so it wasn’t wasted money. (WWM).

However, so did everyone else and we couldn’t move in our living room for stepping on something noisy, squeaky, chiming or hard! Dillon was more interested in anything but his presents.

I know Christmas is now over but as soon as I could, I took the tree down.  It was either get rid of the magical sparkly tree or the changing table and I use that as a Dillon-drobe. (A furniture item used to store said baby’s clothing etc).

So with our first Christmas out the way and a living room full of items I know we are never going to have the chance to use, enjoy, destroy, demolish (apart from the chocolates!), we spent our New Years with friends and bad karaoke (me!).

Once we rang in the New Year, it hit me. I’m going back to work. I’m leaving my baby for the whole day for 4 days.

This is my baby who I’ve cared for, for 6 months and although I know returning to work will be good for me, the anxiety of leaving him overwhelms me.

I’m not who I was when I left work, I FEEL like a completely different person, I look completely different (fat, grey but still freckly!), I’m a mom.

I know I can’t be the only mom (or dad!) out there who is dreading this, I’m appealing for help to make the transition easier for myself and any advice on how to make it easier for Dillon.

If Dillon could answer back!