Baby + Cold = tired mama!

So I’ve not shared anything recently because baby has been ill. He caught it from husband and I’m tired and bound to get it.

Does every mommy (and daddy) feel helpless when their little one is suffering? He was up every 2/3 hours last night which is unusual for him, even when he’s been poorly before and it tore my heart out.

I just want to blow his nose for him! He couldn’t have a soother but managed to drink okay so I’m relieved he’s still being hydrated enough. We ended up tilting his Next2MeCrib so he was on an angle and that seemed to help.

It didn’t help me, I slept halfway down the bed thinking he was going to do flips out of it and I didn’t sleep cause of his raspy breathing.

We had two Vicks plugs in and some rub on his vest and he still suffered. Husband has ordered a proper humidifier but what remedies, old and new, do you moms use? I’d do anything to make this easier for him.

Also, 5 weeks to go till I return to work!!!!


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