Pizza scissors review.

Okay, as you can see from my previous post I got a bit upset that baby was eyeballing my cheese pizza like a bad extra out of Home Alone.

I also want to jazz up the blog a bit, but I’m not JUST a mom, I’m also a pizza lover. A food lover really but this is about pizza.

Buzz, your girlfriend. Woof!

What I didn’t mention is that I bought my husband a joke present, pizza scissors. I bought them from Amazon after he moaned when I came home with a pizza cutter. I mean, did you know pizza scissors existed? Scissors to cut a pizza, what next?

I bought the Sagaform pizza scissors with server for £14.94 and when it arrived it came with a lot of catalogues for various other kitchen items which I’ll be honest, I discarded after perusing into the recycling.

Now, I don’t need an excuse for pizza but I can’t use the “I’m pregnant” or “Baby wants pizza” or the new one I’m trying out “I need to fill the 7lb 4oz hole in my tummy” anymore so I reminded my husband that I’d bought these for him and hurrah, it worked. Pizza was on the menu.

The future: pizza sliced by pizza scissors!

I know it doesn’t look appetising but I can confirm, as an enthusiastic pizza eater, it was delicious.

If mom blogging doesn’t work perhaps I can become a pizza eater blogger! I’ve worked hard on my pizza eating skills.

Fast forward to the moment the pizzas are cooked, the scissors are ready to snip into action, slicing equal portions of beautiful pizza, when my husband pipes up from the kitchen and asks “how do you use them?”

It’s not as easy as you would think and as modern warriors of the world we turned to Google who couldn’t help. So we risked snipping the deliciousness (mine first cheeky sod!) and he cut and went “oh” the genius figured it out #engineer

You just scissor and scissor he did but whether it was the pizza, scissors or my husband, not all sliced were equal but it’s pizza and it’s going to get eaten anyway.

SO, to conclude, if you like quirky gadgets in your kitchen like my husband, this is one to add to the list otherwise just stick with ye olde faithful, the cutter. Pizzas won’t know the difference or judge.


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