He sees you when you’re eating.

I’ve been a mom for 6 months although I do argue that I’ve been a mom since the two lines appeared on the pregnancy test and I celebrated with a muffin.

We’ve started weaning Dillon a month ago with a mixture of baby food and finger foods.

I won’t lie, even now I find it daunting and sit there waiting to pounce if h gags, which is a natural reflex and they’re not actually choking. (Thank you Google!).

The thing I’ve struggled with is Dillon has never let us know if he’s full, he’s just kept guzzling his milk so the introduction of food you would think would fill him up, right? Wrong. He would quite happily have a jar of mushed vegetables and 10 minutes later scream for something else.

In the build up to started the attempt to wean Dillon I never noticed him eye balling my food until last night, a month into solids and I felt extremely overprotective of my food. I mean, it was a cheese pizza just for me..

I’ve always accused my husband of being a selfish eater and not sharing. I would blame it on being an only child and would happily voice how I would share my food with anyone.

Well, in my defence, Dillon doesn’t have teeth. This cheese pizza would be wasted on him.

Please tell me I am not the only momma who doesn’t want to share their food with the little people?

No cheese pizzas were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Eyeballing my cheese pizza


5 thoughts on “He sees you when you’re eating.

  1. Lady posh says:

    We are Italians and we looooove pizza! (I would eat it on breakfast, lunch and dinner actually). Trust me, one day this pizza will be one of Dillon’s favourites. 😉

    My son, Alex, 3 year old now, eats only 4 things: beans, pasta with pesto, potatoes and… PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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